During the years, Imballaggi Invernizzi Spa developed different projects to offer a complete service to its customers.


Long boxes

Cardboard+kraft paper high mechanical strenght boxes for flexible profiles of every length and similar products.


Un approved cardboard boxes

High resistance special cardboard boxes of big dimensions, standard or UN approved: for industrial usage, transportation of dangerous goods and heavy-duty packaging.


Un approved plastic crates

CurTec supplies High Performance Packaging that contributes to effective internal logistics. Our target is to raise the quality and flexibility of your orderpicking, storage and distribution through clever packaging solutions.

Tubes for laminated and wires



Tubes made of kraf paper, with high mechanical strenght, for wires and laminated products.

Internal diameter mm fro 268 to 652
Thickness up to mm 3
high Minimun maximun mm mm 40 1510


Tubes made of grey recycled paper, high mechanical strenght, for wires and laminated products. Economic alternative of CORINV-HD.

Internal diameter mm from 280 to 572
Thickness up to mm 1,2
high minimun maximun mm mm 20 1600




Dividing panels of kraft paper combined or masonite and paper sheets for various usage.



Kraft fiber, plywood or other materials’ discs for tops and bottoms of cilindric containers.