Kraft fiber drums for fine chemicals and API

The kraft fiber drum is the traditional package for powder products, granulates, flakes, pastes and semi-liquid products. It’s appreciated by chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries for its high mechanical strength when handled, transported or stacked, for its lightness, chemical inertia, possibility of tamper evident sealing and cheapness.



Classical kraft fiber drums are made of several kraft paper layers, strengthened by metal bands and with a sealable handle closure. Available lids and bottoms in different materials: steel, reconstitued wood (masonite), fiber, wood and plastic.

real capacity (litres) from 13 to 363
real capacity (cm) from 14 to 364
diameter (cm) from 27 to 65
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The kraft fiber drum is finally available in truncated-cone form, which can be nested. The best solution to empty hardened products and for small warehouses. 70% storage space saved on empty drums, 70% time saved on internal handling between warehouse and departments, 70% storage space saved on used drums, 70% cost saving on empty drum transport. Patented in Italy and abroad.

capacity (litres) from 45 to 214
height (mm) from 460 to 980
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Very actual and appreciated monocomponent version of the fiber drum, born to solve radically, advantageously and correctly the problem of the package after use – it is totally and exclusively made from kraft paper and can therefore be disposed thus recycling this precious raw material. Immediate and optimal disposing without any further separating operation.

capacity (litres) from 20 to 290
dimensions (mm) from 300 to 658
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Easy Recycling

Easy-recycling fiber drums keeps the characteristics of the standard fiber drum (high mechanical strenght and sealable closure ring) but has the added quality of being entirely recyclable thanks to its easily desmanteled parts.

Nominal diameter (cm) from 27 to 65
Nominal capacity (litres) from 13 to 363
real capacity (litres) from 14 to 364
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Plastic bags

In food grade polythene. Dimensions on request


Canevas handles

To facilitate the handling of your drums.


Plastic seals

Tamper evident is guaranteed by a sealable metal closure. Available in different shapes and colours, from the classic “tree shape” to customized or numbered seals.


Steel seals

Simple and cheap, it can suppor the most sophisticate seals.