Hot melt

Kraft fiber drum turned out to be the perfect solution for drum unloader pumps because of its high quality and continuous flow of hot melt glues, avoiding damages caused by high temperatures.
The flexibility of its body allows the pump’s disc to put back into shape possible dents and continue its run. This is not possible with steel drums beacuse it stops the disc where the dent has come out obliging the operator to follow risky and uneconomic procedures.
The cooling of the pouring is faster. In fact, the melting of the glue through heat involves only the outer layer that the end user needs on its production line and not the entire content of the drum as in the normal melter, problem that causes less adhesion power.
Fiber drums can satisfy also polyurethanes and other paste or granular adhesives’ needs.



Kraft fiber drum with metal ring and choice on bottom or lid material: galvanized steel, plywood or reconstitued wood.

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